19 September 2008

Maemo community Fremantle support - September 2008

17 September 2008

Nokia and Maemo: Next Iteration

16 August 2008

what I am missing on Nokia Tablets...

yes, what I am really missing on Nokia Internet Tablets is handwriting. Unfortunately lack of TRUE handwriting is systematic, architectural and on purpose - tablets essentially are for browsing/surfing/watching/starring-at/lite-chat/etc and human input is expected at minimum. You may say "but on N810, there is a keyboard". Well, there is but... But it is not ergonomic for me - I find even chat over keyboard making me over-stressed soon.

What I do want is to be able to open "handwritten notes" application and write with stylus as I if wrote on simple paper. And as I progress further, to get ASCII-ed into simple text (well, to be precise UTF-8-ized). I am software developer and I know what I want is not that easy as I say - it is challenging wish. But it is doable. Now, it seem Evernote had it done ages ago and they could do same for maemo.org platofrm. If application were in price range of USD 20-50, I were buy it immediately. But Evernote (so far) has been having "resourcing issues with Linux programmers". I guess I have to shuffle old connections and try to contact them at Evernote. May be, one day...

03 August 2008

Finnish traditional winter game

MikontaloLights, Tetris
Originally uploaded by Ville Nikula

... playing Tetris with window lights in building :)

26 July 2008

all smooth jazz sax show - again me too late

I had been enjoying 10th episode of all smooth jazz sax show already for few weeks - Jur was just in time with fresh wave of sweet music. But it took me this long to write few words - I has been trying to get used for unusual opening tune of this episode by Jimmy Sommers.

The first track is from Jimmy Sommers, after that Eric Darius ft Norman Brown with "Just for the moment", next is a track from Kim Waters, then Boney James, Steve Cole, Mindi Abair's "Smile", "Mandela" from Pep Poblet, Eric Marienthal, Everette Harp, Gerald Albright with a song from his new CD called "Sax for Stax", Angelo Luster, Alfonzo Blackwell, and the last track is from Raw Stylus.

Thanks Jur for treting with good music again. I wish I could contribute too...

28 June 2008

power of big numbers

if all Nokia users would pull off their chargers when not used, we could power 100,000 average European houses.

16 June 2008

more Nokia jobs within open source and Maemo

my colleague Quim Gil has noted that his team is looking for somebody, who is very good at serving developers, i.e. position of product manager of the Maemo development platform at Nokia

also, for those who want to look straight for Maemo software related jobs (i.e. you want to work with Maemo, Linux, Nokia tablets, etc) among all open positions at Nokia , there is special section at maemo.org site named "maemo jobs" - have a look and please don't miss that "next" at bottom, as there is more than one page at the moment ;)

15 June 2008

Espoo and Helsinki - better weather and more photos

As one may have noticed, better weather makes me more prone to go out there and try to record what I see around. It might be short photo sketch like these

flowers in my neighborhood

flowers in my neighborhood

warm days in Helsinki

warm days in Helsinki

or it might be longer shooting session with 100+ images and major walk through several areas of Helsinki or Espoo, like these

Samba carnival in Helsinki calls for walk

Samba carnival in Helsinki calls for walk

Sunday walk with camera through western Helsinki

Sunday walk with camera through western Helsinki

Helsinki day, 2008

Helsinki day, 2008

03 June 2008

two very important quotes about software industry

they seem to be about Netscape, AOL and time-line of "Netscape Navigator"-then-Mozilla projects in first place... but removing particular company & projects names makes it into different dimension.

Why? Because the company stopped innovating. The company got big, and big companies just aren't creative. There exist counterexamples to this, but in general, great things are accomplished by small groups of people who are driven, who have unity of purpose. The more people involved, the slower and stupider their union is.

And there's another factor involved, which is that you can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to go work for a company to make it successful, and those who want to go work for a successful company. Netscape's early success and rapid growth caused us to stop getting the former and start getting the latter.
bold selections are mine.

nomo zilla, resignation and postmortem © 1999 by Jamie Zawinski, Author of Netscape Navigator, "used to be a hacker, now run a nightclub."

01 June 2008

on maemo, open source and business

my colleague recently noticed that Openmoko turn of strategy is very synchronous to what Nokia only contemplates... are they one step ahead or making piggy-back-in-future investments again? :)

25 May 2008

smooth music cruise, finally

clicking around, I came up by site selling "smooth music cruise" somewhere around Bahamas winter'09 - while I am not persuaded (yet?) to spend that amount of money for cruise, I was impressed by idea to runaway from cold winter into warm smooth jazz cruise. And name list is also impressive:

Boney James, Mindi Abair, Larry Carlton, Heather Headley, Acoustic Alchemy, Greg Adams, Marion Meadows, Steve Cole, Paul "Shilts" Weimar, Steve Oliver, Chieli Minucci, Michael Lington, Alan Hewitt, Althea Rene

There are few videos around on internet, from same kind of event in 2007, e.g. this one with Boney James, Candy Dulfer, Gerald Albright & more

I wish I could run away from my job one day ;)

18 May 2008

good weather and digital camera...

... makes some more photo shooting

one warm day in Helsinki downtown
one warm day in Helsinki downtown shoot by Pentax K100D super

and another warm sunny day at Strömberg park in western Helsinki

another warm sunny day at Strömberg park in western Helsinki shoot by Pentax K100D Super

Smooth Jazz All Sax Show - more sweet music

well, I had to write about this few weeks ago... Jur, author of great smooth jazz podcast, has delivered another episode as he promised - already for few weeks I get a fun from it

In Episode 9, April, of the Smooth Jazz Sax Show you can listen to some great Smooth Jazz Sax music again. The first track is from The Sax Pack ft Steve Cole/Jeff Kashiwa & Kim Waters, after that Kenny G with "Fiesta Loca", next is a track from Eric Daniel & Friends first solo album, then Courtney Pine, Richard Elliot, Bobby Rickett's "Back in the Game", "Together Again" from Dave Koz, The Rippingtons, Randy Scott, Nelson Rangell with a song called "City Lights", Gerald Albright, great Smooth Jazz talent Konstantin Klashtorni, and the last track is from Al Jarreau ft. Boney James.

caddies continue to follow me...

last time I wrote about caddies, I thought they might read me, and eventually stop stalking me... well, they didn't

10 May 2008

walk with camera in Munkkiniemi

The weather has been so good last weekend that I couldn't resist to make another walk in down town with camera. It was Munkkiniemi district of Helsinki this time - it all started nearby of cafe Torpanranta after jump from 4th tram on end of line. Then I has walked along Tiilimäki hill, rather fashionable area. And finally came back to jump on 4th tram again.

walk with camera in Munkkiniemi

30 April 2008

ModelExpo'08 railroad model weekend - it was (supposed to be) ...

... a nice show (fair) of railroad models in Messukeskus (Fair center) in Helsinki, Finland.

At least I was running for some usual show, to make some photo shooting session on personal fun (as I did back in 2007) and feel the atmosphere (though some of my colleagues call it dull and same-show-and-same-faces-all-the-time). Well, this year Model Expo 2008 (like the previous one ModelExpo 2007) has been done together with Child Fair 2008.

And that has been the very fault of organizers this year - running around kids en masse (in 2007) caused presenters to put all possible fences in most inconvenient way (in 2008), making life of photographer even worse... you can see how close you could reach with camera for macro shots in 2007 and in 2008

IMGP4685 IMGP1890
now you can understand...

well, I made few photos anyway so you can make your conclusions or impressions yourselves.

27 April 2008

it has been week...

... since I came back from vacations in my hometown

ZoneTag Photo Tuesday 10:51 am 4/8/08 Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast'
Originally uploaded by silpol

20 March 2008

howto: add USB webcam to the Nokia N810

amateurs don't stop in creative attempts - first picked-up at jkOnTheRun, where Kevin C. Tofel refers to original post USB OTG goes webcam where the guy plays creative with Creative webcam (pun intended).

19 March 2008

job again - my close colleague is hiring... again

quote from his letter

Company: Nokia
Job Title: Technical Project Manager

Position Description

Our team is now looking for a Technical Project Manager to join us working on next generation browser technologies. Once onboard the team, you will lead the browser R&D development group in charge of implementing web browsing technology software for the Linux software stack based on an open source. You will drive our browsing technology platform work and help define and implement forward moving processes. What’s more, you will also interface with externals such as business partners, subcontractors and internal customers and will therefore need solid leadership and mediation skills.


You ideally have 6-9 years of relevant experience including project-subcontracting management. To thrive in our multicultural environment you have fluent English and good communication and negotiation skills. Knowledge of Linux and Open Source and an understanding of browser and core web technologies are also very much welcomed. On top of this, you are able to function both independently and as part of a team and your dedication to quality drives you to seek opportunities for improvement and innovation. If you want to participate in creating future technology today, click on ‘apply’ now!

wild caddies on Helsinki streets

for last 9+ years living in Greater Helsinki area, I have seen only very few abandoned shop caddies on the street - coin in lock made them "magically" returned to closest shop

so I didn't pay much attention apart from little "woah" first time and making shot

second time it was late evening, coming out with friend from local pub - I got little puzzled... and shot it again.

and last time it was two days ago - on the corner of office building

looks like they are surrounding me... or trying to say something? ;)

18 March 2008

smooth jazz all sax show - back again for podcast download

only week ago I wrote that I'm worried about podcast not coming back with new monthly episode for download - and yesterday it was my breath was taken by new item appear in list... here comes March episode.

In Episode 8 of the Smooth Jazz Sax Show you can listen to some great Smooth Jazz Sax music again. The first track is from Jareed, after that Warren Hill with "When Word Are Gone", next is a track from Jessy J's first album, Jeff Kashiwa, André Ward's "Warm Passion", "Grace" from Walter Beasley, Kees Ten Dam, great new Smooth Jazz talent Pep Poblet, Paul Taylor with a song called "Aerial", Bill Evans, Jimmy Sommers, Dulfer & Dulfer's and the last track is from Johnny Gill ft. Kenny G.

Hope you enjoy the radio-show again!

All the music played on the Smooth Jazz All Sax Show is available at your local (internet) record store, if you like the music, please go out and buy the artist's album! Keep Smooth Jazz alive.

16 March 2008

Red beauty

Red beauty
Originally uploaded by luisa_m_c_m_cruz

I don't necessarily belong to camp of overly-sensitive and romantic, but poppy flowers... They make my eyes attracted, heart knocking and feelings warmer.

more Helsinki walks with camera

I have missed last week photo set to publish here, so... And yes, I am *in love* with old dark-red bricks :D

Last week Sunday photo walk
Sunday photo walk along Helsinki streets

And yesterday's walk on Helsinki streets
Another Saturday walk with camera in hands, this time along tourist-beaten paths, again in Helsinki downtown

DIY Tilt sensor for N810 Nokia tablet

Probably this is one of not-so-many motivators for me in doing my daily job - to see later how others pickup and continue development towards what is interesting to end user.

Author has special page where he explains all howto's - not for light-heart amateur.

11 March 2008

amazon web services - love and hate relationship

what I do love AWS (Amazon Web Services) for - it is incredible nice idea to sell platform to others, sliced into small pieces and support for that.

what I hate them for - for utmost ignorance towards non-American users. All interesting features either require you to live in US or to have business with. Which especially stupid in current business environment.

10 March 2008

no more sweet music of smooth jazz?

it looks like it was enough to post once about smooth jazz podcast only to "get scared" the guy - no more sweet music. any suggestion what to include into podcast download list instead of this if it goes away?

new killer feature for web shop

what I do find necessary to implement by Amazon and (less) other web shops with wide selection of items is feature - let's call it "those who do NOT buy item X also least likely to buy items of Y kind". it will save me so much time... but I am not naive enough to believe that they will do it rather sooner than later :D

06 March 2008

virtual trainspotting

what to do if you are train-spotting addict, yet your time schedule does not allow you to do it right away? yes, there is solution - go to http://www.flickriver.com/, or better straight to http://www.flickriver.com/groups/trains/pool/interesting/ or http://www.flickriver.com/groups/railways/pool/interesting/

and then you will get an endless stream of photos like this
Winter steam

... not that I insist that you shall be addicted to trainspotting in any form ;)

05 March 2008

Mulder and Scully

The mothership descends
Originally uploaded by rhinny

X-Files, are they still among us?

03 March 2008

war and peace and ... WoW

Sometimes making photos on the streets of Helsinki makes me wondering what is related to those pictures. Today I made few shots here and there, and two of them were in the heart of hearts of Helsinki - in front of Stockmann central shop towards City-käytävä passage on the other side of street, and inside passage itself.
Helsinki City-käytävä passage Helsinki City-käytävä passage
Now, I've been walking down this passage hundreds of times, and it was always (relatively) peaceful part of downtown. But quick search on

and voilà! About year ago this place was something of local drama... Sort of :)

As fellini1981 put it,
Massive amounts of finnish WoW fanatics gathered in City-Käytävä, Helsinki for a World of Warcraft Burning Crusade launch event held by Tilt Gamestores, Vivendi and Blizzard. Event started at midnight and this video was taken around 8pm before the event!

I have heard stories that when it comes to electronic entertainments, Finns are eager to gather into unusual crowd. But this time the crowd was somehow... here. War and peace and ... WoW :)

02 March 2008

Spring? What spring? Welcome to Nordic country...

Originally uploaded by silpol

Yesterday I had in mind, to go today for another shooting in Helsinki downtown. But today it was clear - I can take camera and go shoot, but it will be too cold exercise... Going to balcony and make shot (which you see above) only confirmed - spring is still to come.

update: And Helsingin Sanomat says "Current winter is warmest of all time in Finland"

29 February 2008

job for Project Manager / Browser Technology Specialist

my colleague is hiring - he looks for "Project Manager / Browser Technology Specialist" title

more details below

Company: Nokia
Job Title: Project Manager / Browser Technology Specialist
Description: The position below describes the browser technology specialist but I'm also looking for the project manager to work for the same domain.

Position Description

Are you a talented and dedicated software developer looking for a new career challenge? If the answer is yes, why not join our New Generation Software team in Helsinki, Finland. As a Browser Technology Specialist, you will work with a group of experienced software engineers in the Open Source environment. In this wide-ranging role, you will add exciting and innovative new features to Nokia's best in class web browser for the Maemo platform. To do this successfully, you will use C/C++ on the Linux operating system.


Your toolbox of skills includes at least five years experience of software development for embedded Linux. In this time, you have also gained in-depth practical knowledge of C/C++ as well as object oriented analysis and design. We especially appreciate any previous knowledge you have of core web technologies such as HTML, XML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript and RSS, and protocols like HTTP. It will also add an edge to your application if you have a solid understanding of the Maemo software development platform. Any exposure you have had to Open Source communities or professional Open Source development will be beneficial too. On a more personal level, you are highly motivated and driven to succeed. A solid performer, you are able to communicate effectively in fluent written and spoken English. If you have the special skills we are looking for, apply today.

27 February 2008

Höyryveturi 1009 a.k.a. Ukko-Pekka - model at Helsinki railway

Originally uploaded by silpol

When you come to long distance / international ticket hall at Helsinki railway station, you can see this model of Höyryveturi 1009 also known as Ukko-Pekka. Amazingly, one can order a private travel on the original train .

The series had been named Ukko-Pekka. There were 22 locomotives produced in this series at Lokomo factory in Tampere during 1937 - 1957. The Höyryveturi 1009 featured as model had been done in 1948. It has maximum speed of 110 km/h, length is 22.25 m, loaded weight 155 tons, coal capacity 9 tons, water capacity 27 m3.
After cars were renovated, the current interior is pleasant enough
salon car interior restaurant car interior pub car interior car interior detail

to have comfortable luxury travel not worse than on infamous The World Class Trains routes around the world.

24 February 2008

back to PIM

so, what I want from PIM on Nokia tablet?

  • thumb-ability - usability tuned more for finger-on-screen operation

  • better integration with tablet internals, i.e. with contacts db

  • better integration with external (http but not limited to) web services

  • this list to be continued...

    Saturday photo shooting session

    Originally uploaded by silpol

    ... and yesterday I went out again Helsinki downtown on purpose - this time to memorize largely ignored areas of Kluuvi, Kruununhaka, Katajanokka and around Kauppatori. These are mostly *polished* by tourists and postcards, and it is difficult to find something new - so here is Another Saturday photowalk in Helsinki downtown for your judgement

    Friday shooting walk

    Originally uploaded by silpol

    This Friday I had some time to walk in Helsinki downtown - and here is another set at Flickr to see it my way ;)

    21 February 2008

    unexpected lesson(s) on privacy

    sometimes you bump into someone's else privacy, and that person turns to you by completely different side/angle... interesting enough, it doesn't make that person worse of any kind, if not even more interesting... the other side of this rather emotional - I know it from previous life/work in banking: you had discovered something what nobody else discovered yet, but you must keep your lips tight as they were glued and sewn. No, there will be no even slight hint on "who, and what and how and etc" - I value my privacy hence I do not sell someone else privacy. Yet, something to think more...

    18 February 2008

    on bloging my SL-everything

    I've been thinking for while on how to blog about my SL/metaverse/opensim/etc efforts & experience, but today Prokofy Neva's comment at Gwyneth Llewelyn's blog made last nail into the coffin - I have to start a separate blog on SL experience (i.e. what I feel and think when I am inworld) from what I think and do along SL/opensim/metaverse in technology sense. The thing is that I have to separate mindstream about technology and non-technology: latter is mission impossible for Prok and Ko, and I don't want a noise in any form.

    16 February 2008

    of music and smooth jazz in particular

    one of my constant (though only monthly) suppliers of smooth jazz music is Smooth Jazz All Sax Show podcast - so author behind it has podcasted a lot of very good music

    episode 1
    Boney James, Euge Groove, Dave Koz (live), Jeff Kashiwa, Kees ten Dam, Mindi Abair, Nelson Rangell, Richard Elliot, Kenny G, Candy Dulfer (live), Eric Marienthal, The Rippingtons and Kane.

    episode 2
    Euge Groove, Art Porter, Buckshot Le Fonque, Everette Harp, Boney James, Najee, Warren Hill, Bill Evans, Bob James and David Sanborn, Dave Koz, George Howard, Michael Lington and Michael Mc Donald ft. Dave Koz

    episode 3
    Candy Dulfer, Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangell, Courtney Pine, Gerald Albright, Art Porter (rare 13 min. Passion Sunrise live recording from The North Sea Jazz Festival), Alfonso Blackwell, Kim Waters, Spyro Gyra, Marion Meadows, Kees ten Dam, David Sanborn

    episode 4
    Najee's new cd "Rising Sun", after that a great live song from The Rippingtons "She Likes to Watch", Mezzoforte Live, a track from Jeff Kashiwa's newest cd "Play", Kirk Whalum together with his brother, Euge Groove's "Living Large", Steve Oliver, Paul Taylor, great song from the new Rick Braun and Richard Elliot cd "R&R", Paul Hardcastle, Walter Beasley, Mindi Abair and Sting.

    episode 5
    Jonathan Butler & Kirk Whalum, after that Donald Harrison with "The Tropic of Cool", Boney James, Jackiem Joyner, Andy Snitzer's Passion Play, Malibu Dreams from Kenny G, André Ward, Bill Evans Live!, the new single from Eric Marienthal "Blue Water", Nelson Rangell, a track from Everette Harp's newest CD "My Inspiration", Warren Hill and the last track is from The Phill Collins Big Band Live ft. Gerald Albright

    episode 6
    Najee, after that The Rippingtons ft. Dave Koz with "Be Cool", next Candy Dulfer ft. David Sanborn, Marion Meadows, George Howard's "Just The Way I Feel", "In The Shade" from Michael Lington, Richard Elliot with one of the best Smooth Jazz tune ever, Lee Ritenour & Bill Evans Live, Michael Franks ft. David Sanborn (again) with an old song called "Mr. Blue", Kees Ten Dam, Kim Waters, a track from Will Downing's newest CD "After Tonight" with Gerald Albright on Sax and the last track is from Curtis Stigers

    episode 7
    The first track is from Randy Scott, after that Eric Marienthal with "Dance with me", next Nelson Rangell, Euge Groove, Steve Cole's "Everyday", "Only tomorrow knows" from Dave Koz, Art Porter, Spyro Gyra Live, Buckshot Le Fonque ft. Branford Marsalis with a song called "Another Day", great new Smooth Jazz talent Rod Tate, Everette Harp, Boney James & Rick Braun's joint venture called "Shake it up" and the last track is from Michael Bolton ft. Kenny G.

    sources Open In ItunesOpen In Windows Media PlayerOpen In WinampOpen In Real PlayerOpen RSS Feed

    Photographer is photographer...

    Vipera berus
    Originally uploaded by ksa_mis

    In normal life, average person has a common sense, a pragmatical no-adventures behavior and all other similar attributes... And when comes to women in delicate expecting condition, it doubles if not triples. But there is one notable exception - photographer which suddenly noticed a nice shot to be done.

    Here is an example - my wife was in middle of being pregnant with our son, when she took a walk with our friends on outskirts of Espoo, and bumped into snake which has been *warming bones* in last autumn sunny days. My wife is pragmatical and logical and calm person, yet she didn't mind about one meter distance to snake of the only poisonous kind of it in Finland. She pulled out slowly camera, made a shot, and... Meet Vipera berus :)

    another side of open source coin

    after conversation with my colleague on our internal-and-yet-not-clear-whether-it-will-ever-float-at-all project, i just had interesting thought - apart from all this saliva-dropping "Open source über alles" shouted slogans, there is one thing good of being not in corporation: you write app, they use it, but there is nobody to go after you, if it somehow goes around of law (quite often written for it's own lawyer's raison d'être).

    Which in turns begs an answer for question(s)... I hear very often that people out there almost beg for PIM-and-alike small business tools for our Nokia tablet - yet, inside our team this topic... no, it is not a taboo but sort of getting many just looking on the walls as if you were not present and asking - no, no hidden agenda or alike, it is just consequence of doom business in PDA market, and nobody want his career go down. So, may be it makes sense to launch yet another open source project? No, PIM for Maemo may be a good tool set and good starting point but it is very far from Hildon design paradigms (e.g.think of thumbing up on this, especially with only one finger/thumb free for that) and frankly need some deeper re-design, not only ugly PDA-caused UI

    another UI fix in Vagalume

    Alberto Garcia (after consulting with fans bakes out yet another Vagalume, now version 0.5.1 and promises more UI fixes soon.

    Winner looks better IM-not-so-HO
    Vagalume 0.5.1

    than previous one
    previous Vagalume

    Now, I guess, you have no wonder why I got stuck on that Smooth Jazz tag at last.fm, and I hope that after last.fm news that

    Full-length tracks are now available in the US, UK, and Germany

    we could hear them here in Finland
    ... can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the Last.fm website

    13 February 2008

    interesting quote from Paul Graham

    Paul Graham in his essay Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas writes:

    Reading the Wall Street Journal for a week should give anyone ideas for two or three new startups. The articles are full of descriptions of problems that need to be solved. But most of the applicants don't seem to have looked far for ideas.

    I wonder now, if it is that cheap then why WSJ is still not the only magazine in the world?

    10 February 2008

    another walk into foggy Helsinki

    I like misty, foggy weather and photo shooting in this weather is even more pleasant for me.


    08 February 2008

    Business Opportunity

    Business Opportunity
    Originally uploaded by galexian

    One of my precious virtual friends found on livejournal.com is Alex, or as he describes himself

    Professional engineer, writer, linguist, programmer, Linux maniac, private pilot, and "the ham operator known as KC0MWF."
    Apart from mentioned qualities, he is also talented photograph - see the example, not without tongue in cheek.

    07 February 2008

    EU changes rules on CRS

    Edward Hasbrouck in his The Practical Nomad blog has very detailed, informative, yet practical article on Europe reconsidering rules for reservation systems. While the article written in 2007, it has some interesting notions on privacy of travelers, of which many are not aware at all. He starts with explanations on what are CRS's, and what do they do. Then he goes on why were CRS's regulated and what did the regulations require. And here is interesting quote

    Violation of the privacy clauses of the EU regulations is near-universal and completely ignored by the EC.
    Rest of article goes on why and how are CRS regulations changing, do the European regulations matter only in Europe, what will happen next and what should be done about that. And the other nice quote
    The elimination of CRS regulations in the USA, and their reduction in Canada, makes it more important than ever that the EU retain its constraints on the demonstrated propensity of global CRS companies to engage anti-consumer, anti-competitive, and privacy invasive actions

    Edward is also author of The Practical Nomad book.

    04 February 2008

    another sunny Sunday - walk with camera in sleepy western Helsinki

    got some few hours to walk to long-thought shooting in Strömberg park, then along the most western part of Helsinki in Pitäjänmäki - for some personal reasons, I had a long stnding dream to go and shoot.


    30 January 2008

    anti-DRM gang - talk is (not so) cheap?

    Reading Borat-band article (pun intended) at Gigaom, I started to wonder why it didn't miss to mention Amazon's Kindle, granted the price of device isn't cheap, rather wide almost 99 000 choice of books available, only 13 newspapers available so far, only 8 magazines and journals and 308 blogs, delivered by Sprint's EVDO and bounded by yours device ID...

    Wa... Wait a moment... Those Kindle's 308 blogs - they include also Boing Boing (Kindle Edition)... Hmmm, the very same(?) BoingBoing which I read on regular basis and where Cory Doctorow regularly hammers all DRM stuff as if there is no tomorrow? Oh, last one is October'06 - in November'07 he writes yet another thing titled "Amazon Kindle: the Web makes Amazon go bad crazy" where he hammers DRM in Kindle again, only with little twist with disclaimer that BoingBoing will be paid from subscriptions, and he has turned down offers to publish his books on Kindle... Wait... What is this? Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Kindle Edition) by Cory Doctorow. No wonder, next day Edward Champion writes on Cory Doctorow’s Kindle Hypocrisy, and in Dec'07 Cory himself writes Downloads give Amazon jungle fever and... With huge smiley face of Jeff Bezos, so...

    Here I leave you with research alone, with food for thought, to do your conclusions yourself, to buy Amazon's Kindle or not, to buy Cory's lip service to anti-DRM stanza or not. My personal conclusion for now is that all DRM gang is just yet another spin-doctored way to sell, and... if Amazon merely makes everything to sell and has nothing to hide, Cory and gang do it rather with interesting twist, still have no problem to pocket share from sells. I may be don't like such a way, but... I respect their hard job.