27 February 2008

Höyryveturi 1009 a.k.a. Ukko-Pekka - model at Helsinki railway

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When you come to long distance / international ticket hall at Helsinki railway station, you can see this model of Höyryveturi 1009 also known as Ukko-Pekka. Amazingly, one can order a private travel on the original train .

The series had been named Ukko-Pekka. There were 22 locomotives produced in this series at Lokomo factory in Tampere during 1937 - 1957. The Höyryveturi 1009 featured as model had been done in 1948. It has maximum speed of 110 km/h, length is 22.25 m, loaded weight 155 tons, coal capacity 9 tons, water capacity 27 m3.
After cars were renovated, the current interior is pleasant enough
salon car interior restaurant car interior pub car interior car interior detail

to have comfortable luxury travel not worse than on infamous The World Class Trains routes around the world.