18 March 2008

smooth jazz all sax show - back again for podcast download

only week ago I wrote that I'm worried about podcast not coming back with new monthly episode for download - and yesterday it was my breath was taken by new item appear in list... here comes March episode.

In Episode 8 of the Smooth Jazz Sax Show you can listen to some great Smooth Jazz Sax music again. The first track is from Jareed, after that Warren Hill with "When Word Are Gone", next is a track from Jessy J's first album, Jeff Kashiwa, André Ward's "Warm Passion", "Grace" from Walter Beasley, Kees Ten Dam, great new Smooth Jazz talent Pep Poblet, Paul Taylor with a song called "Aerial", Bill Evans, Jimmy Sommers, Dulfer & Dulfer's and the last track is from Johnny Gill ft. Kenny G.

Hope you enjoy the radio-show again!

All the music played on the Smooth Jazz All Sax Show is available at your local (internet) record store, if you like the music, please go out and buy the artist's album! Keep Smooth Jazz alive.


Jur said...

Hi there,

Great to see that there is at least one fan of the Smooth Jazz Sax Show Podcast alive ;-)

The show is doing great, over 10.000 downloads in april already.

Hope to publish next episode within 2 weeks.

Take care,
Smooth Jazz Sax Show Podcast

A.T. said...

wow, another great news ;-)