16 February 2008

another side of open source coin

after conversation with my colleague on our internal-and-yet-not-clear-whether-it-will-ever-float-at-all project, i just had interesting thought - apart from all this saliva-dropping "Open source über alles" shouted slogans, there is one thing good of being not in corporation: you write app, they use it, but there is nobody to go after you, if it somehow goes around of law (quite often written for it's own lawyer's raison d'être).

Which in turns begs an answer for question(s)... I hear very often that people out there almost beg for PIM-and-alike small business tools for our Nokia tablet - yet, inside our team this topic... no, it is not a taboo but sort of getting many just looking on the walls as if you were not present and asking - no, no hidden agenda or alike, it is just consequence of doom business in PDA market, and nobody want his career go down. So, may be it makes sense to launch yet another open source project? No, PIM for Maemo may be a good tool set and good starting point but it is very far from Hildon design paradigms (e.g.think of thumbing up on this, especially with only one finger/thumb free for that) and frankly need some deeper re-design, not only ugly PDA-caused UI