20 March 2008

howto: add USB webcam to the Nokia N810

amateurs don't stop in creative attempts - first picked-up at jkOnTheRun, where Kevin C. Tofel refers to original post USB OTG goes webcam where the guy plays creative with Creative webcam (pun intended).

19 March 2008

job again - my close colleague is hiring... again

quote from his letter

Company: Nokia
Job Title: Technical Project Manager

Position Description

Our team is now looking for a Technical Project Manager to join us working on next generation browser technologies. Once onboard the team, you will lead the browser R&D development group in charge of implementing web browsing technology software for the Linux software stack based on an open source. You will drive our browsing technology platform work and help define and implement forward moving processes. What’s more, you will also interface with externals such as business partners, subcontractors and internal customers and will therefore need solid leadership and mediation skills.


You ideally have 6-9 years of relevant experience including project-subcontracting management. To thrive in our multicultural environment you have fluent English and good communication and negotiation skills. Knowledge of Linux and Open Source and an understanding of browser and core web technologies are also very much welcomed. On top of this, you are able to function both independently and as part of a team and your dedication to quality drives you to seek opportunities for improvement and innovation. If you want to participate in creating future technology today, click on ‘apply’ now!

wild caddies on Helsinki streets

for last 9+ years living in Greater Helsinki area, I have seen only very few abandoned shop caddies on the street - coin in lock made them "magically" returned to closest shop

so I didn't pay much attention apart from little "woah" first time and making shot

second time it was late evening, coming out with friend from local pub - I got little puzzled... and shot it again.

and last time it was two days ago - on the corner of office building

looks like they are surrounding me... or trying to say something? ;)

18 March 2008

smooth jazz all sax show - back again for podcast download

only week ago I wrote that I'm worried about podcast not coming back with new monthly episode for download - and yesterday it was my breath was taken by new item appear in list... here comes March episode.

In Episode 8 of the Smooth Jazz Sax Show you can listen to some great Smooth Jazz Sax music again. The first track is from Jareed, after that Warren Hill with "When Word Are Gone", next is a track from Jessy J's first album, Jeff Kashiwa, André Ward's "Warm Passion", "Grace" from Walter Beasley, Kees Ten Dam, great new Smooth Jazz talent Pep Poblet, Paul Taylor with a song called "Aerial", Bill Evans, Jimmy Sommers, Dulfer & Dulfer's and the last track is from Johnny Gill ft. Kenny G.

Hope you enjoy the radio-show again!

All the music played on the Smooth Jazz All Sax Show is available at your local (internet) record store, if you like the music, please go out and buy the artist's album! Keep Smooth Jazz alive.

16 March 2008

Red beauty

Red beauty
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I don't necessarily belong to camp of overly-sensitive and romantic, but poppy flowers... They make my eyes attracted, heart knocking and feelings warmer.

more Helsinki walks with camera

I have missed last week photo set to publish here, so... And yes, I am *in love* with old dark-red bricks :D

Last week Sunday photo walk
Sunday photo walk along Helsinki streets

And yesterday's walk on Helsinki streets
Another Saturday walk with camera in hands, this time along tourist-beaten paths, again in Helsinki downtown

DIY Tilt sensor for N810 Nokia tablet

Probably this is one of not-so-many motivators for me in doing my daily job - to see later how others pickup and continue development towards what is interesting to end user.

Author has special page where he explains all howto's - not for light-heart amateur.

11 March 2008

amazon web services - love and hate relationship

what I do love AWS (Amazon Web Services) for - it is incredible nice idea to sell platform to others, sliced into small pieces and support for that.

what I hate them for - for utmost ignorance towards non-American users. All interesting features either require you to live in US or to have business with. Which especially stupid in current business environment.

10 March 2008

no more sweet music of smooth jazz?

it looks like it was enough to post once about smooth jazz podcast only to "get scared" the guy - no more sweet music. any suggestion what to include into podcast download list instead of this if it goes away?

new killer feature for web shop

what I do find necessary to implement by Amazon and (less) other web shops with wide selection of items is feature - let's call it "those who do NOT buy item X also least likely to buy items of Y kind". it will save me so much time... but I am not naive enough to believe that they will do it rather sooner than later :D

06 March 2008

virtual trainspotting

what to do if you are train-spotting addict, yet your time schedule does not allow you to do it right away? yes, there is solution - go to http://www.flickriver.com/, or better straight to http://www.flickriver.com/groups/trains/pool/interesting/ or http://www.flickriver.com/groups/railways/pool/interesting/

and then you will get an endless stream of photos like this
Winter steam

... not that I insist that you shall be addicted to trainspotting in any form ;)

05 March 2008

Mulder and Scully

The mothership descends
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X-Files, are they still among us?

03 March 2008

war and peace and ... WoW

Sometimes making photos on the streets of Helsinki makes me wondering what is related to those pictures. Today I made few shots here and there, and two of them were in the heart of hearts of Helsinki - in front of Stockmann central shop towards City-käytävä passage on the other side of street, and inside passage itself.
Helsinki City-käytävä passage Helsinki City-käytävä passage
Now, I've been walking down this passage hundreds of times, and it was always (relatively) peaceful part of downtown. But quick search on

and voilà! About year ago this place was something of local drama... Sort of :)

As fellini1981 put it,
Massive amounts of finnish WoW fanatics gathered in City-Käytävä, Helsinki for a World of Warcraft Burning Crusade launch event held by Tilt Gamestores, Vivendi and Blizzard. Event started at midnight and this video was taken around 8pm before the event!

I have heard stories that when it comes to electronic entertainments, Finns are eager to gather into unusual crowd. But this time the crowd was somehow... here. War and peace and ... WoW :)

02 March 2008

Spring? What spring? Welcome to Nordic country...

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Yesterday I had in mind, to go today for another shooting in Helsinki downtown. But today it was clear - I can take camera and go shoot, but it will be too cold exercise... Going to balcony and make shot (which you see above) only confirmed - spring is still to come.

update: And Helsingin Sanomat says "Current winter is warmest of all time in Finland"