03 March 2008

war and peace and ... WoW

Sometimes making photos on the streets of Helsinki makes me wondering what is related to those pictures. Today I made few shots here and there, and two of them were in the heart of hearts of Helsinki - in front of Stockmann central shop towards City-käytävä passage on the other side of street, and inside passage itself.
Helsinki City-käytävä passage Helsinki City-käytävä passage
Now, I've been walking down this passage hundreds of times, and it was always (relatively) peaceful part of downtown. But quick search on

and voilà! About year ago this place was something of local drama... Sort of :)

As fellini1981 put it,
Massive amounts of finnish WoW fanatics gathered in City-Käytävä, Helsinki for a World of Warcraft Burning Crusade launch event held by Tilt Gamestores, Vivendi and Blizzard. Event started at midnight and this video was taken around 8pm before the event!

I have heard stories that when it comes to electronic entertainments, Finns are eager to gather into unusual crowd. But this time the crowd was somehow... here. War and peace and ... WoW :)