20 December 2009

Streets of Helsinki - very personal calendar for next year

one summer walk with camera down streets of Helsinki, capital of Finland

06 December 2009

N81 8GB vs N900 in evening light nano-competition

these photos were not exactly public some time ago - but now you too can compare. while number of pixels on matrices is not exactly comparable, but you can see progress - evening shooting is slightly more tough on phone-camera than one might think...

N81 8GB
View on Sanomatalo from bus stop

View on Sanomatalo from bus stop

10 November 2009

N900 gone sales!

Yay we are shipping #N900 http://bit.ly/2XSI2F !!!

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22 October 2009

maemo jobs - new position again

our colleague Kristiina Saaristo has posted again new position - "Maemo Developer Advocate @ Nokia" As it stated there,

The Maemo marketing team, which has created quite a buzz in recent weeks, is looking for a Maemo Developer Advocate to assist in promoting the business opportunities for apps built on top of Maemo globally.

you can apply straight on Taleo

also some other positions advertised on Google Adsense once page or search contains word maemo ;)

books and digital e-ink revolution coming

reading article "The Google Book Store, Coming Soon To A Browser Near You" @ TC , I had some thoughts, which most probably other people share too.

somehow I feel vary about "paper -> digital" books transition presumably-closer-in-time - on one hand, emotionally and sub-consciously paper has more traits than digital: digital e-ink has no smell, feeling of age in book, you can't do handmade notes with distinctive personal touch, etc-etc-etc, leave alone difference in human perception between light screen vs reflecting paper

on the other hand - digital books have full text index, you can search in them, have wild amount of meta possible, etc-etc-etc

so this is not exactly win-loose game - it should take some more time, no matter what would-be digital printing suppliers and Co would like us to believe ...

on the other hand, our children (probably) and grand-...-children (most probably) will have perception of paper as something _ancient_

and the other aspect - somehow digital _printing_ I perceive as unsustainable i.e. one have to rely on rather complex infrastructure, which is not necessarily reproducible with simple tools

here and there I see examples of calculations "how ebooks are more green and mean and lean" while it is common knowledge (or is it?) that electronic waste is one of worst forms of pollution, both during production and rest of life cycle, and ethical producers are not that cheap.

and there is no guarantee that digital _books_ will survive in long term, as paper one do sometimes - usually they are made as short-term cheap-o-device... so are we going to put our future to be bet for e-ink pushers?

17 October 2009

Maemo jobs on offer!

Jobs on offer!
Originally uploaded by Loek van der Helm

we are (still) hiring at Maemo Nokia - Finland (Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu), USA (Mt. View) and India (Bangalore)

14 October 2009

Maemo 5 UI showcases

Maemo 5 UI team has created their own channel on YouTube where they present/showcase their design and give hints how you can use it in your own projects

Following are their personal top 5 shortcuts to start with:

  • tap on the Avatar opens the related contact card e.g. to call a friend from an ongoing Conversation
  • Ctrl+ Enter to send an e-mail
  • double press the Power key to lock the device
  • long tap on the Dashboard icon moves you directly to the Desktop
  • start typing on the Desktop to search a contact

  • 27 August 2009

    Yay, we launched it!

    Maemo 5

    Fremantle aka Maemo 5 is public!!! http://maemo.nokia.com/ this was VERY long run :D

    11 August 2009

    more jobs at Nokia - this time in Ovi.com

    my colleague Jason Madhosingh hints on new job opportunities at Nokia, this time at Ovi.com - feel free to try join Ovi team - there are three New York City-based positions on their team, a Digital Marketing Manager, Localisation Manager, and CRM Manager (links are there in the post linked above ;)

    27 June 2009

    more walk to Munkkiniemi with camera - Easter'09

    it looks like Munkkiniemi shots are popular - here is more pleasure for searchers from past walks with camera
    Munkkiniemi Helsinki, Easter 05.04.2009

    04 April 2009

    family too...

    Originally uploaded by silpol

    life consist not only from work - today we played with Geomag, and it is not only fun for kids

    21 February 2009

    gift of alternative energy

    Going to office supply yesterday through underground garage, I stopped my sight on moving crates - they had "to dumpster" sign, yet another unpleasant reminder of cutbacks, cost savings, people leaving and other redundancies (I don't like term "downsizing" for all its Catbertish cynical meaning). Among those was a pile of old unstrapped folders, and since I was about to take any folder, I took one from top. It was moment of wow! Folder was full of copies (no, unfortunately not originals) of Home Power. The pile had almost all subscription self-printed or copied (tough to say) and accurately packed into folders, apparently by someone who had left work for company.

    I knew about Home Power since mid-of-90's when I got to Internet. Time to time my mind had been returning to them, either bumping into old archive or just thinking on alternative power. But recent few months I was thinking more and more about alternative energy sources, and voila -- here it is, in your hands. I've rescued all folders, and took few home, so I will have a pleasant reading for next few weekends, or may be longer.

    18 February 2009

    Sunday railway photo fun with abandoned steam engine at Pasila railway yard

    it all started with my wife noticing from commuter train's window the old steam engine, left at Pasila railway yard...

    14 January 2009

    more Linux / Maemo job - open positions at Nokia

    I had been posting about open job postions within Maemo few times by now - [1] [2] [3] . Now my colleagues in HR has decided to invite even MORE people -- several vacant positions open in USA, Finland and India please read at the bottom.

    Maemo Nokia Apply your imagination
    The Linux-based Maemo platform is the software that powers mobile devices such as the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. To make the Maemo platform even more powerful, we at the Maemo SW entity in Devices R&D are now looking for people to take it to the next level as part of the applications and platform development teams.

    Nokia is hiring skilled and motivated professionals to develop the Linux based Maemo platform.

    www.nokia.com/imaginemaemo - this link is not valid anymore.

    instead you have to go www.nokia.com/careers, click into Careers link/picture and then use keyword... yes, maemo

    05 January 2009

    old photosets from 2008

    I have (finally) uploaded recently few photo-sets made in summer 2008 around Helsinki downtown. Enjoy ;)

    Harbours, ships, markets and streets of Helsinki

    another photowalk into Munkkiniemi Helsinki
    Munkkiniemi Helsinki 31.07.2008

    P.S. there are still photos which didn't make yet they travel from hard-drive to Flickr, so check it up time to time ;)