19 March 2008

job again - my close colleague is hiring... again

quote from his letter

Company: Nokia
Job Title: Technical Project Manager

Position Description

Our team is now looking for a Technical Project Manager to join us working on next generation browser technologies. Once onboard the team, you will lead the browser R&D development group in charge of implementing web browsing technology software for the Linux software stack based on an open source. You will drive our browsing technology platform work and help define and implement forward moving processes. What’s more, you will also interface with externals such as business partners, subcontractors and internal customers and will therefore need solid leadership and mediation skills.


You ideally have 6-9 years of relevant experience including project-subcontracting management. To thrive in our multicultural environment you have fluent English and good communication and negotiation skills. Knowledge of Linux and Open Source and an understanding of browser and core web technologies are also very much welcomed. On top of this, you are able to function both independently and as part of a team and your dedication to quality drives you to seek opportunities for improvement and innovation. If you want to participate in creating future technology today, click on ‘apply’ now!