16 August 2008

what I am missing on Nokia Tablets...

yes, what I am really missing on Nokia Internet Tablets is handwriting. Unfortunately lack of TRUE handwriting is systematic, architectural and on purpose - tablets essentially are for browsing/surfing/watching/starring-at/lite-chat/etc and human input is expected at minimum. You may say "but on N810, there is a keyboard". Well, there is but... But it is not ergonomic for me - I find even chat over keyboard making me over-stressed soon.

What I do want is to be able to open "handwritten notes" application and write with stylus as I if wrote on simple paper. And as I progress further, to get ASCII-ed into simple text (well, to be precise UTF-8-ized). I am software developer and I know what I want is not that easy as I say - it is challenging wish. But it is doable. Now, it seem Evernote had it done ages ago and they could do same for maemo.org platofrm. If application were in price range of USD 20-50, I were buy it immediately. But Evernote (so far) has been having "resourcing issues with Linux programmers". I guess I have to shuffle old connections and try to contact them at Evernote. May be, one day...

03 August 2008

Finnish traditional winter game

MikontaloLights, Tetris
Originally uploaded by Ville Nikula

... playing Tetris with window lights in building :)