21 February 2009

gift of alternative energy

Going to office supply yesterday through underground garage, I stopped my sight on moving crates - they had "to dumpster" sign, yet another unpleasant reminder of cutbacks, cost savings, people leaving and other redundancies (I don't like term "downsizing" for all its Catbertish cynical meaning). Among those was a pile of old unstrapped folders, and since I was about to take any folder, I took one from top. It was moment of wow! Folder was full of copies (no, unfortunately not originals) of Home Power. The pile had almost all subscription self-printed or copied (tough to say) and accurately packed into folders, apparently by someone who had left work for company.

I knew about Home Power since mid-of-90's when I got to Internet. Time to time my mind had been returning to them, either bumping into old archive or just thinking on alternative power. But recent few months I was thinking more and more about alternative energy sources, and voila -- here it is, in your hands. I've rescued all folders, and took few home, so I will have a pleasant reading for next few weekends, or may be longer.

18 February 2009

Sunday railway photo fun with abandoned steam engine at Pasila railway yard

it all started with my wife noticing from commuter train's window the old steam engine, left at Pasila railway yard...