08 May 2010

Maemo / meego team at Nokia hiring developer again

colleague hires again - this time application developer with deadline 15 June 2010

Are you the next star application developer of MeeGo?
Be hired by 15th of June. Check out the details and apply now!

Simple rules:
MeeGo Devices at Nokia is looking for a Linux expert that knows how to write C++ or in Qt tool kit. Python and HTML 5 a plus.
If you have contributed to an open source project or you have a project of you own:
a) post your project in the event wall and b) apply with your CV

What we are offering?
- The best team to work in MeeGo in the areas of Email, Calendar, Synchronization
- Working on hot/cool/fun/extraordinary/awesome projects and technologies
- A competitive offer and relocation services from anywhere in the Globe to Finland
- Partying from time 2 time but for sure lots of chocolate and good humor

Are you ready for the challenge?

Impress the hiring manager by putting a cool post on Facebook event wall (your project, ideas, blog etc.) and send your CV

Don’t forget 15th of June, by then you might have a job at MeeGo Devices at Nokia.

And here are all job opportunities at MeeGo Devices at Nokia.

PS: If you know someone that matches the criteria, please forward this invitation.

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