24 January 2008

if you were looking for rock solid Nokia handset with even better

...then look no further. The Vertu Ascent Ti was launched in August last year. Vertu customers range from high net worth individuals to successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and high society movers & shakers. Now to make this success even more appealing, there was Vertu Fortress project launched. Apart from being recognised for their success in life, one of the single most important things for the Vertu Ascent Ti owner is the security of the information on their phone. Vertu Fortress meets that need with unparalleled security for Vertu Ascent Ti owner's phone data.With a single click, the customer's phonebook and calendar are wirelessly secured to "The Bunker", the ultimate in secure hosting. A hosting facility 30 meters below ground, with 3 meter thick concrete walls, The Bunker was designed to withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast and was formerly part of the NATO air defence network. Located in the heart of the English Countryside, The Bunker is also an ideal location for protection against natural disasters, political and civil unrest. Also what brings even more twist to this story - once subject to NATO-only, The Bunker nowadays dedicated to serve their customers within Vertu Fortress in arch-enemy languages of Russian and Chinese ...

Now, I wonder - can Steve Almighty buy Cheyenne for backups of millions of ordinary theyPhones addressbooks & calendars?